Recreational Activity Injury

Whether it’s a day spent out on the boat, a trip to your favorite baseball field for a game with the league, or just a quick ride around down on your favorite bike, we all have recreational activities we enjoy.

Many of these activities, however, can carry a risk of injury above and beyond the risks inherent to things like playing sports and driving off-road vehicles. While there will always be an element of danger in many recreational activities, this danger can be increased through negligent acts or an ignoring of duty on the part of participants or on providers of the equipment being used. 

Even if you have “assumed the risk” of participating in these activities, there may be exceptions when dealing with personal injury if it is determined that your injury stemmed from gross negligence on the part of another. These injuries can be devastating no matter what the source, and can be difficult to recover from both physically, emotionally, and financially.

How can negligence lead to injuries during recreational activities?

Normally, if you are injured while participating in a recreational activity such as using a jet ski or playing basketball, you would not be able to recover damages for your injury. Injuries of this type carry an inherent risk, and any participant in these activities has assumed that risk and is responsible for their own actions and behavior. This can be compounded through the use of insurance waivers and paperwork that you would be required to sign in the event of, for example, injuries while using rented vehicles.

However, there are exceptions under certain circumstances. Let’s go back to the earlier example of the jet ski. If you are injured while using a rental jet ski, and your injury was found to be due to negligence on the behalf of the jet ski rental company by, for example, not properly maintaining the jet ski you rented as required by the manufacturer, you may be able to recover financial compensation.

Any provider of recreational activities, or the equipment needed thereof, has a responsibility to provide the safest possible conditions for customers engaging in their activities, and if negligence is found on their behalf, you may be able to seek damages for your injuries.

Common injuries during recreational activities

What damages can I seek if I am injured during a recreational activity?

If you have been injured by the negligence of another party during a recreational activity, you may be able to seek financial compensation and damages in the form of:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • In-home care/assistance during recovery
  • Pain and suffering

The types of damages you can seek will vary depending on the specifics of your case.

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