Private Residence Injury

When most people think of personal injury cases, they may think of commercial property injuries commonly suffered in public areas like supermarkets and restaurants, such as slip and fall injuries or retail business injuries. While these injuries are tragically common, you may be surprised to learn that these injuries are just as common in private residences such as homes and apartments as they are in commercial businesses and public spaces.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, bodily injury and property damage has been the most common liability claim for American homeowners since 2013, and these numbers won’t be changing anytime soon. Injuries sustained on private property can be just as devastating as injuries suffered in public, and the financial burden brought on as a result can be a tough weight to carry. 

What constitutes a private residence injury?

As a form of premises liability under California law, owners of private residences such as homes and apartments are responsible to provide reasonable protection against personal injury and property damage to anyone on their property or inside their residence. Homeowners, landlords, and even the owners of shared-space properties such as Airbnbs have a responsibility, by law, to prevent any reasonably foreseeable accidents on their property. 

If this responsibility is ignored or otherwise not taken seriously, a variety of injuries can result. Slipping injuries from leaking pipes or sinks, falls down a damaged staircase, scalds from improperly maintained water heaters, and dozens of other injuries can result due to negligence on the owner’s part. No matter what your reason for being on the private property, if the home or residence hasn’t been properly kept up, injuries may result, and the cost of these injuries can add up quickly.

Common injuries suffered at a private residence

What should I do if I have been hurt on private property?

Injuries on private property can carry with them a number of consequences, both financial and otherwise. Under California law, if these injuries are found to be the fault of negligence on the part of the property owner, you may be able to seek financial compensation and damages for the injury and hardships you have suffered. These damages can include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • In-home care/assistance during recovery

The type of damages you may be able to receive will vary depending on the circumstances of your specific case. If you’ve been injured on private property and/or in a private residence, you need a personal injury attorney who will be with you every step of the way – you need The Wallace Firm.

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