Bar/Restaurant Injury

Bars, nightclubs, and other public gathering spots are intended for relaxation and entertainment, but they’ve become an increasingly common site for injuries due to physical assaults and similar violent incidents.

From bar fights between drunken patrons, rough handling by nightclub bouncers, and belligerent behavior by inebriated partygoers, the number of these incidents has been steadily climbing in recent years and shows no signs of changing. If you’ve been the victim of violent behavior at a bar, nightclub, or restaurant, you may not know what you can do to seek justice. 

What are my options if I am the victim of an injury at a bar, nightclub, or restaurant?

Similar to other types of premises liability, injuries sustained in bars, nightclubs, restaurants, or other similar establishments are often covered by California personal injury law. In situations where a victim is injured as the result of another’s violent behavior at a bar, such as an argument inside the bar or on the bar’s property, the owner of the establishment may be liable for damages as a result of their inability to prevent anyone from getting injured during the fight. Such cases may be considered a form of negligent security injuries, as the bar was unable to keep the situation contained and protect other patrons from being injured as a result of the assailant’s violent behavior. 

As such, these incidents may allow you to seek damages under California personal injury law. If you file a claim of injury suffered as the result of a violent incident at a bar such as a bar fight or overly-aggressive behavior from the bouncers, you can potentially be awarded financial restitution if the owner of the establishment can be found to have not provided sufficient safeguards against the drunken behavior of others. Bars and nightclubs have a duty under law to no longer serve alcohol to visibly intoxicated customers, but if these customers get drunk and physically assault another patron, the victim may have a claim against the bar or nightclub in question. This can also apply to patrons displaying violent behavior who are not made to leave the premises before their actions hurt anyone else.

Common injuries suffered at a bar or restaurant

Damages for personal injuries at a nightclub, bar, or restaurant

As a personal injury case, the damages you can seek during a claim against a bar or restaurant for injuries may include:

  • Medical expenses (as a result of the injuries suffered)
  • Pain and suffering
  • In-home care and assistance
  • Lost income due to medical leave

among others. The details of your individual case will impact what damages you can seek, and your ability to receive them, and The Wallace Firm will be on your side every step of the way.

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