Broken Bones & Fractures

Bone fractures are one of the most common types of orthopedic injuries people experience.

These types of injuries are so common that it’s estimated that the average person will experience two bone fractures over the course of their lives. 

Every Year,


of all musculoskeletal injuries in the United States involve fractured or broken bones

Common types of bone fractures

Bone fractures can be classified in many different ways. To start with, there are two main types of bone fractures: open/compound fractures and closed fractures. Open/compound fractures occur when a broken bone protrudes through the skin while closed fractures occur when a bone is broken without breaking the skin. 

Fractures can be classified even further depending on how exactly the bone is injured:

Hairline Fractures: A fracture that causes a thin break in a bone without fully breaking the bone.

Transverse Fractures: The fracture extends across a bone in a straight line horizontally. 

Linear Fractures: A fracture that spans a bone vertically in a straight line. 

Spiral Fractures: A type of fracture that wraps around a bone. 

Oblique Fractures: Bone fractures that spans a bone diagonally.

Segmental Fractures: Occurs when a bone is broken in two places.

Comminuted Fractures: When a bone is broken in three or more places with fragments present.

Compression Fractures: These fractures occur when a bone is crushed.

Bone fractures in children

Since children don’t have fully developed bones, there are some types of fractures that only occur in children:

Greenstick Fractures: The bone isn’t completely broken, but the accident involved enough force to make the bone bend from the impact. 

Buckle Fractures: A type of fracture that occurs when two bones are driven into each other. 

Growth Plate Fractures: These fractures impact the section of soft cartilage near the end of bones which are the last part of the bone to harden. If not treated correctly, one limb can end up being crooked or shorter than the other. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons estimates that 15%-30% of all childhood bone fractures are growth plate fractures. 

Most commonly broken bones

Any bone in the body can be broken, but certain bones are more vulnerable to being fractured than others. Some of the most commonly broken bones include:

  • Collarbone
  • Arms (humerus, radius, ulna)
  • Bones in the wrist
  • Hips
  • Legs (tibia, fibula)

Causes of bone fractures

Broken bones can occur for a wide range of reasons, including medical conditions and playing sports. But very often, they’re the result of physical trauma caused by accidents like:

Damages in a broken bone claim

Broken bones can significantly impact your life in many different ways. Even fractures that are relatively easy to treat can still disrupt your life for several weeks while you recover. If you’re considering making a claim over a bone fracture, some types of damages you may be able to collect include:

  • Medical expenses, including future medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Household assistance
  • Pain and suffering

Contact a Los Angeles broken bone & fracture lawyer

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