COVID-19 Business Losses for Photographers & Videographers

The Los Angeles area has a reputation for being one of the world’s top destinations for professional photographers and videographers. But as the coronavirus pandemic spread and shelter-in-place orders went into effect, many photographers and videographers found themselves facing substantial losses of business. 

Famously, the coronavirus pandemic forced production to stop on many popular television shows and highly anticipated movies, but those aren’t the only types of productions that have been impacted. During a typical year, professional photographers and videographers can keep busy with many different types of projects, including weddings, family photo shoots, trade shows, student photos, and corporate events. 

As the pandemic grew and restrictions were placed on large gatherings, events of all kinds were either cancelled or postponed. But while the concerns around holding events and non-essential gatherings were valid, event cancellations for any reason cause a domino chain of effects among the professionals who help make those events happen.

How COVID-19 Impacted Photographers & Videographers

The cancellation of one booking can be difficult enough for a lot of photographers and videographers and now many of them are facing a long stretch of uncertainty. In a survey by Lens Rentals, 96.2% of photographers and videographers said their work and income had been impacted by COVID-19 to some extent. 67% of videographers and 75% of photographers said at least 80% of their bookings for April 2020 had been cancelled. In the case of photographers and videographers who specialize in weddings, the timing of restrictions and shutdowns meant they lost all of their business during what is typically their busiest time of year. 

Many photographers who don’t rely on event photography have also lost significant amounts of business because of the pandemic. In a survey by PetaPixel, 98% of newborn photographers and 96% of family photographers reported that 80-100% of their bookings for April and May had been affected by the pandemic. Even though socially distant outdoor photoshoots were still allowed for small groups of people who live together, many people who were planning to have some family or personal photography done have opted to hold off on those plans for the time being. 

To make up for some of these losses, photographers have responded in several different ways. Some have been forced to take a second job while others started offering virtual workshops and other types of services, or branching into other types of photography that have been impacted to a lesser degree. 

Business Interruption Claims for Photography & Videography Companies

Whether you have a large photo/video production studio or are a small, independent company, insurance is a very important way to protect the business you’ve worked so hard to build. Often, that includes business interruption insurance.

Business interruption insurance is a type of coverage specifically intended to cover monetary losses you might incur during a temporary closure, including lease/mortgage payments, lost revenue, and relocation expenses. Some businesses also  have civil authority insurance coverage, which works very much like business interruption insurance, but is intended to cover losses if a business is forced to close because of a government order. 

Unfortunately, with countless businesses in need of these types of benefits because of the pandemic, insurance companies are trying hard to deny as many claims as possible. Very often, they try to argue that these types of policies only apply to temporary closures that involve physical property damage or that policies do not cover closures caused by a virus or bacteria. 

Help with California Business Interruption Claims

If you’ve tried making a business interruption insurance claim and your claim was denied, you definitely aren’t alone. You also aren’t out of options. Throughout the country, many business owners have been filing lawsuits against their insurers over denied business interruption claims. One of the best ways to succeed in your claim is by getting the help of a lawyer. 

The Wallace Firm is now working with California business owners to help them with their business interruption insurance claims. Dealing with insurance companies can be very intimidating, but the team at The Wallace Firm is experienced in taking on insurers and holding them accountable. We understand how insurance companies work and can put those insights to work to help you get results. Contact us today to get started.